International Open University (IOU) started its journey utilizing the Internet and advanced open source online learning technology with the mission of changing the Muslim nation and the world situation through appropriate education in April 2007.

Sister Ayesha Khattak

In-charge Alumni Programme
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Address: 21 Kanifing Mosque Road, P.O. Box 2340, Kanifing South, KMC, The Gambia.

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Alumni Profile

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I have spent decades in Islamic awareness circles (Ijthemas) and I have always been searching for authentic, reliable and flexible Islamic studies course. There are many institutions to join full time but distance or online are very few and unfortunately either in Arabic language only or too expensive. While searching on the net, I found IOU and it met all the criteria I was looking for. May Allah reward the whole IOU team for their efforts. InshaAllah, I am planning to collaborate with IOU in the future projects I am going to participate in.

Syed Fazlur Rahman

IT Consultant, IOU BMAIS graduate (2013)

Wa alaykumus salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh, I got to know about IOU from my biological brother who was also informed by the exam proctor of my area.

In fact, my overall experience with IOU cannot be overemphasized. It has quenched my thirst for traveling outside my country of residence to study Islam. IOU has not only exposed me to authentic knowledge about Islam but also aroused my interest to study more.

Abdul Somad Ibrahim

teacher, IOU BAIS (2014)

I was introduced to the Islamic Online University through Sheikh Yusuf Estes in one of his TV shows on Guide US TV. Once I heard about the program, I immediately researched it and signed up. Alhamdulilah, I finished the Bridge to MAIS program and I am waiting to start my Masters in Islamic Studies; and in the future the PhD program, inshaAllah. My experience with the IOU was wonderful as I have learnt from excellent teachers, TAs and course material that is very similar to the top Islamic universities in the world. I was also excited to join the IOU as this is a program by Dr. Bilal Philips.

Junaid Aasi

IOU BMAIS (2014)

I learned about the Islamic Online University through a friend who recommended it to me. I am really grateful for having completed my Bachelor’s at IOU. I will cherish every moment spent in the online experience from the wonderful syllabus to the interactive online classes, exciting assignments, to the challenging module tests and exams. Now, having gained authentic knowledge from renowned scholars and tutorial assistants, I aim at sharing the beautiful message of Islam with others.

Shafa Nasir Majgaonkar

IOU BAIS (2013)